In The Middle of The Night Watching In The Woods With Ron And Jerry

Posted on October 9, 2011

Considerate of others sleeping in the area, SamHenry often wears TV headphones – in bed watching a movie.  Needlessly wearing batteries down, waking up around 3:00 AM one can find they are watching almost anything.  This past night, Sam found herself on the Sportsman’s Channel watching a new show, In the Woods with Ron and Jerry.

Premiering in June 2011, “In the Woods with Ron & Jerry” chronicles the adventures of two old friends as they hunt their way across America. From bird hunting in Florida to big game hunting out West (and everything in between), Ron Landis and Jerry Berggren take their thirty years of experience of hunting together and bring it to bear on new challenges. Ron, an entrepreneur and pilot, and Jerry, a retired professor, bring a unique, yet down-to-earth perspective to the show. They share their insight, skill, and humor as they go into the woods. [Sportsman’s Channel]

Ron and Jerry were in the woods in a couple of states tracking turkeys.  Some of the most difficult birds to catch up with, turkeys roost in trees, have excellent hearing and are more intelligent than their barnyard cousins.  There are few things more magnificent that a wild Tom strutting his stuff.  Mummers have nothing on him.  It is thrilling that they are back in great numbers in woods throughout much of our country.

It was much like waking up in OZ – who was this Ron and this guy Jerry?  They are older and not in particularly good shape.  No wonder the turkeys have the advantage.  They used some good self-deprecating humor as they grappled with setting up a folding turkey blind.  It was one of the funnier moments on “reality” TV Sam has seen.

These old friends take camouflage seriously:

The animals they encounter really do end up dead.  This is hunting.  This is how our forefathers fed their families.

The moose is not shy, it’s dead.

This is a show for hunters.  You either have to be used to watching  it or surgery to watch.  The only other thing you have to watch out for are “Ron Droppings.”

Hunting is enjoyable because we are natural predators, but hunting is not vacation. – Ron

A history of  the origin of Ron droppings may be found here