Harry Belefonte on Herman Cain: When the Left Assumes It’s Right

Posted on October 11, 2011

The political left in this country as evidenced in the Democratic Party and embraced by the Libral Media Fear Mongers maintains its ethical and moral superiority through the use of popular entertainment icons that lend import and credibility to their agenda.  Daily we are bombarded with their clever sound bites and myth-making to maintain the paradigm they have created.

Witness Harry Belefonte on Joy Behar’s Liberal showcase the other night.  He and Joy bashed Herman Cain in really less than civilized terms.  The words snide and bully come to mind.  Here is the link to Belefonte’s remarks and Behar’s cheer leading..  The video is testament to Cain’s import in the campaign.  Even Romney would not criticize him during Tuesday’s debate.

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