If He’s the GOP Candidate, Will the Tea Party Suffer Collateral Damage in the Process?

Posted on October 14, 2011

If Romney does in fact become the GOP nominee for President, will this spell the end of the Tea Party?

Herman Cain’s rise in the polls this week doesn’t change the fact that Mitt Romney is still the most likely Republican nominee for president, but it does underscore the biggest remaining question mark about him: If he wins the primary, will that kill the Tea Party?In other words, will the conservative grassroots turn out in force for a Romney ticket — not only to vote, but also to organize and recruit supporters — like they did in the 2010 midterm elections? Romney’s critics argue they won’t [emphasis mine].

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe raised the prospect of a third party candidate if the former Massachusetts governor is the nominee, telling The New York Times this week that at the very least, a Romney candidacy would discourage conservative activism in the 2012 election.

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