How the Royal Family Plays It: Pay Fergie’s Debts, Insist on a Move?

Posted on October 18, 2011

In recent years, “The Firm” as the British royals refer to themselves, have had a very successful way of dealing with devastating revelations about their members.  They have updated the PR people helping them but most of all have glided steadfastly on into the future as if there were not a ripple on the water to jostle the ship of state.

Perhaps the two best examples were the way Prince Andrew and  his wife and their scandals of last year laid temporary blocks in the road to keeping the monarchy a viable institution in Britain.  Andrew was too close for comfort to both a convicted pedophile in New York and to controversy over his role as informal trade representative.

For her part, Andrew’s wife, Fergie was caught on tape offering access to him in exchange for money.  So what has been the cost of all of this?  To Andrew and Sarah, it has now been revealed that it has been considerable.  Andrew is no longer trade ambassador.  While he again may function as a trade representative, it will be in a subordinate role.  His royal duties will continue.  Currently, he is taking his battle to have his daughters made official representatives of The Firm through assigned duties to the Queen but it is meeting stiff resistance.  He wants to nail this down while  his mother is still queen and not brother Charles who with whom he is not close.

And Fergie?  Well the Queen and Andrew paid off her debts.  She was not allowed to attend the Royal wedding this past summer and now it appears that the deal also included a proviso that she move from Andrew’s residence, Windsor Cottage.  She was supposed to be in Los Angeles where she plans to permanently reside by the 17th of this month.  So far there are no pictures or press of this move.

It  had to happen.  Fergie needed to be out of Andrew’s home in some kind of move that did not make Andrew look like an uncaring charlatan.  And Fergie needs to step away from her daughters who now need to go on to represent The Firm on their own, without constantly being photographed attending parties with their mother.  Perhaps Fergie will even be denied access to Bea’s rumored wedding in the near future.

So it appears that the Royal family will enter the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee positioned for good times and good reviews.  Their only difficulty will be damping down the ceremonies due to sensitivity of the large numbers of unemployed and the fact that potentially violent demonstrations against the establishment are on-going.  There are some things the Queen can no longer control and the Beef Eaters and the Horse Guards are not strictly taking orders from her anymore.  Well, for all that, God save the Queen.