Newt Gingrich – It’s Not a Surge But He is Steadily Rising in Some Polls

Posted on October 18, 2011

In recent days, various polls including Rasmussen have Gingrich down as having moved slowly to a distant 3rd place behind Romney and Cain.  This has prompted a spilling of ink over the possibility that Gingrich may be the come from behind dark horse.  Over at the Daily Beast, Howard Kurtz  has written:

Newt Gingrich summoned his remaining staff to the conference room of his K Street office in June, shortly after much of his team had defected, and delivered an old-fashioned pep talk.

“This is a football season,” he said. “You don’t just kick off the ball and win. Someone’s going to come hit you. We got hit. Get up.”

But for all his toying with the possibility that Gingrich could just pull it off, he ends  his piece with:

Of course, Gingrich may have benefited to some degree by being out of the harsh spotlight. His lack of discipline when he jumped into the race is what caused his implosion in the first place. It was the Meet the Press interview last May, when Gingrich dismissed a GOP plan to overhaul Medicare as “right-wing social engineering” and then seemed to reverse himself the next day, that started his downward slide from top-tier status. And then there is the personal baggage, as Galen points out: the extramarital affair when he was a congressman, the three marriages, the huge Tiffany’s bills he ran up for gifts to his wife Callista.

“If he ever popped up to No. 2 or No. 1,” Galen says, “all that stuff would just crush him.”

Michele Malkin recalls political reasons Gingrich should  be a concern to Conservatives

He’s played footsie with Hillary Clinton on health care, backed an individual health care mandate and aspects of Romneycare, and vigorously attacked Paul Ryan’s free-market-based Medicare reform plan.And a friendly reminder for grass-roots Tea Party activists who were against the government bailouts before it was cool: When push came to shove, Gingrich supported TARP. [Michelle Malkin]

However, by the time America has finished vetting the other candidates, Gingrich may stand taller than any.  The man who gave that K Street pep talk is a seasoned fighter and in a world filled with so much fear and doubt these days, his strong, confident, decisive ways may yet win the day.  In short, he is everything the indecisive, inexperienced and divisive Obama is not – a leader.  He led his party in Congress with more than mere competence and his surgeon-like cutting away the fat from the meat of an issue was never more apparent than in his recent criticism of Barney Frank who appears to want to exit stage left quietly:

For his part, in coming back at Gingrich, Frank had to deliver one of his stinging flaps as cited in the Frank fawning NYT:

 “Apparently, Newt Gingrich — who considers himself one of the intellectual leaders of the free world — is so embarrassed by the fact that he is running behind Michele Bachmann in Republican polls that it has increased his already well-developed propensity to utter outlandish things.”

In the end, this political season more than in any other, the candidate who will emerge may just depend on world events and the voters’ perception of who can best handle them.