CNN Roundtable Review of Debates Continues Media Manipulation of the Candidates

Posted on October 19, 2011

If Anderson Cooper set up the questions in tonight’s GOP debate in Nevada, the Anderson Cooper 360 roundtable discussion by CNN contributors set in stone the idea that the race is between Romney and Perry.  We all would be advised to not only read a transcript of the debate, but to hope CNN provides a transcript of the 360 discussion.

It was as if they had watched another debate than SamHenry viewed.  They felt that inasmuch as Romney ignored Cain and focused on Perry, that it was all over for Cain – Romney did not take  him seriously.  The other way to look at this is that it was Romney undercutting the Cain surge rather than Romney focusing on who he thought would be the man to beat.  All Romney had to do was look at Perry and Perry killed his own chances to a careful listener.  But underlying all of this was the fact that Cooper set up the questioning so that he was begging Romney and Perry to focus on each other.

And Gingrich – hardly a blip on the media screen in this debate.  It was all Romney and Perry.  The feeling was that only they have the funding and the organizations to carry out a serious campaign. Of course, this is what the Democrats want to see.  It is the GOP circus the media want to see and cover.

It seems that Cain and Gingrich know how to handle the media and the other candidates.  Money and organization don’t always win the day.  When one hears from some of the CNN gang that Cain has peaked and that his tax plan will hit lower classes hardest and Conservatives will not agree to it, don’t buy the pitch.

Let us hope we see the day when Cain and/or Gingrich pull ahead of the Romney/Perry act and put the MSM to shame.  It’s the media that needs to shut  up and listen. Keep trying to make  up your own mind.

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