How Do the Dems Keep Deluding Americans That Republicans ARE ALL Part of the 1% “Elite”?

Posted on October 19, 2011

It is amazing what the media and a determined Democratic Party and administration and Senate can come together to achieve:  the myth that the GOP are the greedy 1% that have created and maintain the gap between the haves and have-nots.  The numbers and the facts simply do not support this.  For starters, most of us, Democrats AND Republicans are members of the 99%.

As for the 1% that are Democrats of Democratic camp followers, George Soros comes to mind as do Senator Kerry, the late Senator Kennedy and so many of the Hollywood stars that support the Democrats.  But an event that unhinged the Wall Street schemes and dreams of market manipulators brought the biggest surprise.  Bernie Madoff author of one of America’s greatest Ponzi schemes was an Obama supporter.

The Madoff debacle broke open the myth that the GOP were the sole source of corruption in financial circles and that capitalism is inherently bad.

Madoff’s swindle and fraudulent behavior is not the result of a personal moral failure. It is the product of a systemic imperative and the economic culture, which informs the highest circles of our class structure. The paper economy, hedge funds and all the ‘sophisticated financial instruments’ are all ‘Ponzi schemes’ – they are not based on producing and selling goods and services. They are financial bets on future financial paper growth based on securing future buyers to pay off earlier cash ins. [Petras]

All of the Wall Street protesters see is the GOP as the enemy.  And they fuel their debate by pointing to the fact that the GOP members of Congress want to kill Obama’s Jobs bill and to block other important economic legislation.  They should have received a wake-up call this week when the Democrats themselves caved and admitted the country could ill-afford the long-term care portion of the new Health Care law.

Donna Brazil on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 this evening pointed to the Democratic myth-making problem.  She termed the Occupy Wall Street people as idealists and common folk.  Hardly Donna.  As the days pass, more comes to light about the organizations that the protesters represent and they are hard-hitting.  No, Donna, this is not a Democratic tea party – it’s a fraud being perpetrated on Americans frustrated by their economic circumstance.