Sarah Palin On The 18 October Debate: Newt Gingrich Won

Posted on October 19, 2011

Thanks to for posting this clip from the Greta Van Susteren Show highlighting Sarah Palin’s take on the October 18th debate.  For the remainder of the tape that did feature Gingrich and others commenting on the debate see YouTube under Fox News.


As you can see from the above, Sarah has become a polished analyst and one of few who actually listened to the debate and took away from it the salient points.  Her conclusion was that Newt did the kind of job others should emulate.  He avoided being baited either by the so-called moderator or his fellows and gave the closing remarks that put him into the superior position among the candidates.

It is just wonderful to see a poised, confident Palin reporting with a smooth delivery and excellent points.  She is no longer a diamond in the rough.  She’s gained through the FOX experience. Look out 2016.

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