History of US Cooperation With Gaddafi – Developing

Posted on October 20, 2011

Based on an excellent comment on a post today, the commenter and yours truly will be fleshing out a post on these salient facts with references. Here is his comment as filed:


I’ll alienate a lot of people by not celebrating Daffy Gadaffy’s death.

You may recall that Gadaffy was inspired to make peace with the US when US troops pulled Saddam Huisien out of the latrine pit that he had been hiding in. Gadaffy ceased sponsorship of terrorism, surrendered control of his chemical weapons for destruction, and also surrendered Uranium and gas centrifuge equipment that US intelligence never suspected that Libya had. Gadaffy also cooperated with the investigation into A Q Kahn’s (father of the Pakastani bomb) nuclear black market which resulted in it getting closed down.

Theincitement of a rebellion and provision of air support for that rebellion after having reach anaccomodation with Gadaffy destroys the credibility of the US. Never again will the US be able to negotiate a truce with dictators who support terrorism. This violation of trust occurring so soon after the US incited the rebellion against Mubarak of Egypt who had been a US ally for three decades will result in the US being viewed as a feckless and unreliable ally.

Yes, Gadaffy was a bad boy but he had repented. We will soon learn that the rebels that we have supported, including members of Al Quida who fought us in Iraq in Afghanistan, will be far worse.

Only one prominent potential contender for President demonstrated an understanding of these events. She has obviously been getting tutored in foreign policy by John Bolten. Unfortunately, the woman who has so eloquently demonstrated that her IQ is not inversely proportional to her bra size isn’t running.

John Crawford

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