Libya Rebel With Picture of Che Guevera – Not Barack Obama – Says Volumes

Posted on October 20, 2011

In the race of  liberal politicos in the US to credit Barack Obama with yet another Middle East kill, the picture above should remind us who the real heroes are that continue to inspire the third world today.  The days of the pictures of US presidents adorning walls of butcher shops in Greece or restaurants in Paris is over.  This is perhaps the greatest testimony to the bare fact that we no longer have talented leadership in this country.

Unlike great leaders of the past, Obama is not slow to anger; he is slow to act.  This entire Libyan matter could have been dispatched with an expenditure in time and money far less that today’s figures had he not engaged in his signature “dithering.”  He’s is just plain lucky that no American lives were lost in this operation.  He just plain lied that American boots were not on the ground.

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