Smoke-Filled Athens Sees One of the Largest Protests Yet.

Posted on October 20, 2011

You can imagine the horror that would fill the heart of anyone who loves Greece to see this photo today:

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Determined demonstrators outside  the Greek Parliament today passed an austerity bill the effect of which will not soon be known.  For their part, “rioters” were not out of control strictly speaking. They limited their arson to piles of garbage and the main floor of a bank.

The 48-hour strike called by unions representing about half the country’s workforce attracted much higher participation than previous walkouts staged mostly by public sector workers.

“The workers were angry but stayed calm – some extremists hijacked our protest,” said Anastasios Simopoulos, an unemployed factory worker.

Private banks, shops, cafés and supermarkets, which normally stay open for business during strikes, were closed along with government offices, schools, museums, ancient sites, and passenger shipping services.

“This is the most serious strike in years because private businesses are taking part,” said Nikos Tsios, a newspaper-seller as he slammed down the metal shutters of his kiosk. “My situation is getting desperate, people aren’t even buying cigarettes like they used to,” he added. [Financial Times]

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