Now the Pack of Presidential GOP Candidates Are Taking Out After Cain Over Abortion

Posted on October 22, 2011

Candidates Huntsman and Romney eschewed this evening of rage among Republican hopefuls in Iowa.  Are they avoiding red-button issues such as abortion in such a key state?

[Candidate Herman] Cain launched a firestorm Wednesday evening when he suggested the government should not be involved in decisions on abortion.

“It’s not the government’s role or anybody’s role to make that decision,” Cain said Wednesday in an interview on CNN. [ABC]

This evening, Perry and Bachman quickly showcased anti-abortion as the signature issue of the Republican party.

Cain is addressing the reality of the situation in the country today under Roe Wade.  The abortion issue is important and Herman Cain has said he is pro-life.  But that is not far enough for some – they want him to get into the repeal of Roe-Wade NOW.  Fair enough but let’s face it.  Repeal is always an option even if the President does not lead the way.

Obama painted himself as a middle of the road candidate and garnered the independent vote to win.  But once in office he  put Health Care ahead of Jobs and our men in Iraq and Afghanistan and it has been a frustrating, divisive experience.  Jobs had been a big issue.  Health care was into the mix but people needed jobs.

Vetoes can be overridden.  Admittedly it would be helpful to know if  Cain would sign legislation to repeal Roe-Wade.  Further, while nothing is more important and precious than life itself – especially in its nascent stages,  the GOP can ill afford to be a party with a single over-riding issue at this time in our nation’s history. The need should be for any party to win would be for it to be remembered for its clear standing on multiple issues.  We will not get the perfect candidate no matter how many litmus tests to which candidates are subjected.  Run the test and then go on to the next important issue and let a candidate live to run another day.

Michele Bachmann sees the GOP is the party of  pro-life.  However, is also the party of people with other views of the  abortion issue already in the party.  But they believe in smaller government, re-installing the import of the Constitution and many other issues around which most can rally.  The key will be to educate those outside the pro-life encampment; not to evict them.  That will take time. You begin to attract people to a pro-life – or any position by ceasing to blast each other in trying to determine the views of each other on it.

Meanwhile, as in the time of  Reagan, the GOP  needs to make a tent large enough to include individuals who share many other views – conservative and more independent. Intolerance never got anyone anywhere and Republicans have more than advertised intolerance in this primary season. There goes the independent vote if it continues.

It will be best if the repeal issue is put in the platform but remains in the  priority que after Jobs and the economy.  It is still the economy.  The best protection of life will be to make sure pregnant women have proper nutrition and their young as well.  There are people starving in this country due to lack of money for food.  Food pantries in New Hampshire and elsewhere are running out of funding sources for food.  If you want people off the Wick program or off food stamps then we need jobs.

And can intolerant pro-life people ever hope to make Planned Parenthood again mean just that – planning?  They should be defunded  based on their misleading moniker alone.  Can they win the argument that government funding of Planned Parenthood as an agency that counsels both planning and abortion is inappropriate?  Then, too,  to be the leaders in the world for a humane solution to the world’s population time bomb is is one of the most important issues of our time.  To do that in a pro-life mode will be to raise money to educate and to serve as examples of it.

No matter the issue it seems that the Presidential Pack on the hustings this year is in attack mode.  That is the best way to turn people off.  Disagree but don’t harass.  Above all, the Republican party ought to be the party of  reason.

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