SamHenry Asks Herself: It’s 5:00 PM – Do You Know Where Your Glasses Are?

Posted on October 23, 2011

Because of my serious involvement with computers from my job at  home to my blog to just having a good time, Sam needs lots of eyewear.

First you must know that the time came this year that the curtain rang down on my youth:  I was told that it was bifocal time.  Never.  I had a doctor that put me in those things without a line. I  got seasick wearing them and almost fell down stairs.  So I opted for 1/2 glasses.

This time around, I was told I need correction for distance.  So I found myself in the glasses emporium at the medical center trying to warm up to the less than high style frames and determining that I would have reading glasses, computer glasses and glasses for driving (sun and regular).  That seemed reasonable until I implemented the system.

Far from making it possible for me to always have a pair of glasses at hand, I have, to my discomfort and  horror have discovered that I not only get confused which pair is for what function, I carry off glasses on my head to various dumping grounds throughout the house, many of which do not make sense..

One of the collection points is my bedroom side table.  I will sit down with my headphones in place to begin work at my desk and discover to my disgust I am not only 3 minutes late but my glasses are in the next room.  As I shove off my wheeled computer chair, I slip and fall to the ground, my drink on the desk with me and the dish of peanuts.

At the very least, you need to be vigilant that your glasses leave the house with you AND that they return.  In addition, with a bad back, lousy memory and bursitis in one shoulder, God has seen fit  fit to make me carry twice as much as I did in earlier years:  Glasses, pills,  doctor’s appointment cards, a large cell phone with keys large enough to read and the additional cards one needs to survive:  Medicare and AARP.  I am forced to get a handbag on wheels.

It is no wonder that I have now trained myself to inquire of  myself:  “It’s ………….o’clock.  Do you know where your glasses are?  And just how much time have I wasted trying to remember and find them?  Enough so that  my friends no longer call.  I don’t have time for lunch.  I am busy tracking down my stuff.


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