Gloria Steinem on a Battle Not Yet Over – Women’s Rights

Posted on October 29, 2011

Steinem as a Playboy bunnie doing an undercover report on the job - although that job doesn't allow much cover.

SamHenry will be going to a luncheon honoring the work at Planned Parenthood of a late cousin.  Motivated by honoring Catherine and seeing the keynote speaker, Gloria Steinem, let it be known that SH does not agree with the work of Planned Parenthood in the area of abortion.

In advance of the program, I determined to update myself on her and what her thinking is of the moment.  Here is a tape of  of her:


Here is the Gloria Steinem as an activist in the ’60s:


And the picture you never thought we’d see of her – Gloria with her husband!  His name is David Bale.


Full SamHenry report from the November 15th luncheon to follow.

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