Why World Population Growth Cannot Be Curbed

Posted on October 29, 2011

One major reason world population growth cannot be curbed?  We not only cannot agree that it should be; we cannot determine how it should be done.  There is the risk that the vulnerable among us will be at risk – even for their lives: the sick and elderly and unborn children.  Recently in China, a woman was forced to have a late-term abortion and she and the baby both died during the procedure.  In Britain there is a housing shortage and one of the remedies suggested was to force old people from their homes and put them in group situations. In our own country, cutbacks in Medicaid are tantamount to the same thing.

Religion is close to the hearts and minds of people globally and their belief system often includes a “go forth and multiply” clause buried somewhere in a holy text.  The majority of us cannot truly understand the details of another person’s religion and this makes understanding and compassion difficult.  The feeling of “strange” never wears off in their relationship.

Another major reason that population growth cannot easily be cured has to do with another element in our world that could never be either accurately predicted nor controlled, the weather.  The effect of weather on food growth is immeasurable.    When food is not easily obtained, populations migrate to where it is plentiful.

Economic forces have been a big reason for migrations.  These days if you want a job, you have to move to where they are.    Migration, migration, migration.

Fertility rates among populations is very important.  Some groups have a higher fertility weight than others and when used to increase the size of a group so that it will dominate politically, you finally see the negative side of population growth.  This being the case, how could one convince all population representatives in a forum that they should slow their birth rate  and allow political domination by a group other than theirs they view as  the one with the mission to succeed?

Even were we to achieve a stable population here we would be inundated with people from countries experiencing famine who would be making a mass migration for food.

The future is not a bright one to anticipate.  One thing is certain, understanding and cooperation among all global residents must be achieved in order for us all to survive.  If not, wars of conquest will ensue.  And with an overabundance of people – especially in urban areas as they are now, disease is a factor.  It is becoming clearer and clearer with each passing day that population control is the key to future life on this small planet.