Mission to China to Retrieve Grace – The Latest Addition to Our Family Touring Nanjing

Posted on October 30, 2011

In Nanjing, my brother’s family met up with “Michael,” a Chinese exchange student who had spent the lastyear with them. Anna just loved him as you can see from this reunion photo left.

Below, they have had Chinese meals and enjoyed local delicacies such as the green bean-looking dish in the middle of the table.  It is from a plant native to Nanjing. It has no comparable English name.  They loved it.

My brother writes:

we visited the ancient Imperial testing site where 20,000 applicants took a nine day test to qualify for a “government” job.  Anna and Judith are stepping over the Dragon threshold, which the applicants did in ancient times for good luck on tests.

In a visit to a local market, Anna discovers Sponge Bob among the toys offered:

And she discovered that the Chinese have adopted Halloween.  I guess if you make enough holiday nick knacks for Americans you finally take on some form of the holiday for which they are making them.  I hope they don’t think a tree ornament consisting of green frogs dancing in red shoes represents Christmas – or does it?

Of course they found a genuine Irish Pub that had excellent fish and chips and Guinness!  Of course it was expensive.  Below, my step-nephew “cleanses the palate” with San Miguel.   As my brother has reported, they will make  up for this expensive exploit in the Pub by eating in the food court of a local mall that includes Subway and McDonalds.

At 1:30 AM EDT tomorrow,  the family meet Grace and she will spend her first day with them.  Will SamHenry be up in the night looking for the first pictures?  You betcha!

And a preview of Grace – taken a year ago.  She was found on a road side where she had been abandoned.  She has mild cerebral palsy but could not walk or talk.  Well, take a look at her now.  And what a personality that comes shining through.  It is an unlisted video so you need this link to see it.




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