CNN Embraces the Slick – Erin Burnett and Her New Show “Out Front”

Posted on October 31, 2011

At CNN, news has to be delivered in a fast-paced almost breathless style by the well-groomed, nay almost slick types from Hollywood casting.  In spite of  himself, Anderson Cooper has become more than likeable, overweight anchor, Candy Crowley is one of the most respected journalists and funny woman Jeannie Most keeps us laughing over her prose and pose. The aforementioned have succeed in spite of  CNN’s drive to put the most hip and attractive young people known to the planet on the air.

Now into that 8:00 PM time slot that has been troublesome for CNN comes yet another young, fast-talking,  hip and beauteous anchor, Erin Burnett.  The hair is a bit shaggy and dark, the attitude needs softening and the speech needs slowing.  She’s too hard-hitting by half.  I’m exhausted after just 5 minutes of her intensity.  The secret to her singular lack of success:  she tries too hard.

Erin has incredible credentials and experience but the pressure on her to make this prime time hour work shows.  She is very good at interviewing and so more of those on the show would be welcome.

So far it is a show in search of focus but with some good potential.  She is a great improvement over those who preceded her in the spot.  She deserves more time.   Let’s hope CNN can afford to give it to her.

If this does not work out the question will be – what will work in this  hour short of a talent show.


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