Who Is Behind the POLITICO “Bomb” That Cain Once Harassed Women?

Posted on October 31, 2011

Politics is a dirty business and it just got dirtier today when Politico ran with the headline – Bombshell: Cain accused of inappropriate behavior by female employees.  So the next thing we know, the man himself is being questioned on the matter and he and his press rep both deny the allegations albeit Cain in a way that was somewhat unorthodox.  He queried the reporter asking him about it “have you ever been accused of sexual harassment”?

True or false the question is not solely are the allegations true. The charges at the time of the incidents and now even today seem to stem from anonymous sources and innuendo.  Did representatives from the two women alleged to have been harassed approach Politico or had Politico launched its own investigation?

As important as the truth behind these allegations will be, the answer to this question “who brought this information to the forefront and why” will be of equal weight.  No matter the answer, one thing is certain.  This entire scenario is of benefit to the Democrats.  They want Romney to be their opposition and that is that.

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