Did the Occupy Protesters Win in Tennesee; Did Kim Kardashian Win in the Marriage Lottery?

Posted on November 1, 2011

Well isn’t this special:

U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger issued the order, which state officials did not fight.

“Political expression deserves the highest level of protection and it was unacceptable for the state to suddenly shut down protesters’ speech and forcibly oust them from Legislative Plaza that has long been used as a place for peaceful expression,” said Hedy Weinberg, executive director at the ACLU of Tennessee

The state conceded that the temporary restraining order should be issued and we hope that this is the first step (that) the state is recommitting itself to safeguarding — not thwarting — public political expression,” she added. CNN

At all levels of society today, people are asking who is winning?  That seems to be the endgame from football to wars.  The sad fact is that in most instances the verdict isn’t in yet, it may take longer than the press or the people have patience and the outcome may surprise everyone since no one takes flukes of the future into consideration in the equation.  All we can say for sure is that the media loves the article that begins with a question that begs an answer.  It’s attention-grabbing.
What happened in Tennessee was not not simply a win for the protesters but for the document that ensured the outcome in their favor – Constitution – something that has been kicked around lately and for which protesters should be grateful.  Now the only thing yet to do would be to bring truth to the protesters and the media.  Yes there is a modicum of truth in each side of the argument but is it 1% or 99%?  Ah, you say that will vary.  It isn’t that extreme.  But of course few things of that percentage are.  Even when it comes to the very rich and the very poor.

Let’s first start the honesty bandwagon by pointing out the fact that Mr. Media Movie Mogul Moore who just joined in the protest movement after weeks of watching to see if it was a go situation IS in fact one of the so-called 1%.  Even Angela Davis who joined in shortly after it occurred to her that it was a global movement may be in that 1%.

OK and say we milk more money from the very rich – that would be fair depending on the kind of tax reform legislated that makes us all pay something – will that be enough to REALLY pay off the national debt?

Say we pour money into the education system to improve education and hire more teachers.  Will the schools be better then?  Will the teacher’s union give up on salary, benefit and tenure demands?  These things have kept a lot of funding and good teachers on the sidelines.

Yes, even now the truth of the matter and the truth of where we stand now in assisting the under privileged is not solely a function of greed at the top but of mismanagement and a little greed at the bottom.

And Kim Kardashian – did she win?  Financially, yes.  Morally, no.  But who cares about morals today.  The greedy 1% can indeed and in truth have no morals or scruples just their fame and fortune on the line.

Now SamHenry juxtaposed these stories for the same reason the MSM media does – it brings in readers.  Now that would belong on the “ridiculist” were we to live in an educated, well-prioritized society.  Oh, Anderson, you have called the juxtaposition of reason and nonsense as it is.

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