Is it Important Who Leaked Information About a Settlement in a Harassment Charge Against Herman Cain?

Posted on November 1, 2011

It has been asserted that a National Restaurant Association Board Member may have leaked information about the Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Settlement.  Let’s stop scanning the membership of the NRA to ascertain who would have had a motive to do in Cain. The information could also have been found in a fortune cookie.  Lets focus on what can be done to handle this situation.

  • The attorney for one of the two women who are alleged to have been parties to a settlement of sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain when he was CEO of NRA was on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN this evening.  He gave the bottom line statement about settlements.  They do not infer that either party is guilty.  That fact needs to be emphasized.
  • Yes, it is important to know all about presidential candidates.  Sexual harassment is a serious charge and needs to be addressed.  So far, Cain has in fact addressed it.  He has in various ways said the claim is baseless.  It could easily have been the settlement of a nuisance claim.  We are,  however, headed to a he said/she said road block to Cain’s campaign that may kill it.  Cain needs to get out in front of it and ask the Association to release all sides from the confidentiality agreement.  It cannot drag on.  Hopefully this “distraction” will end.

Again, who leaked the information and not getting out in front of this mushrooming story need to be handled and can be.  To his credit Cain has handled himself in a reserved manner.  And to charges his story has changed, the response could easily be he is thinking through an incident that happened 12 years ago and about a settlement in which he had no direct part.

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