Spammers Get Specific: Love General Comments

Posted on November 1, 2011

SamHenry has a confession:  I am addicted to reading the prose created by spammers who try to appear as if they have read your post in its entirety and that it smacks of:

  • the very information sought
  • good writing
  • a desire to connect

Now this kind of information came attached to specific posts.  NOW there is a movement to hit different pages within the blog.  The targeted page on this blog?  GENERAL COMMENTS.  Now envision all of the above attributs assigned by a spammer to a section of General Comments and smiles multiply.  Giggles ensue and laughter erupts when phrases such as “beautifully written” or “insightful and right to the point” begin to populate the spam.

Of course the spam with text like “zsxtzu.qit[fldns.fkghwla>’  are obvious tip offs to spamming right?  Right since those who get inducted into the Spammers Hall of Fame do so based on their ability to convince you that they need your assistance – as in formatting their own blog. To do that  you need to contact them.  Everyone loves to help.  How American.  How blogospheresque!

Then there are those spammers that promise help to you to get higher in the Google food chain.  A blogger can really get towed under if she/he has been convinced that there is tech help to be made from spammers.  But there must always be takers or spam would die.

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