Occupy Movement Now Targets Conservative and/or Tea Party Gatherings for Intimidation

Posted on November 7, 2011

I can’t remember when the Tea Party constituents harassed citizens on the opposite side of the fence.  They were loud and confrontational at Town Hall Meetings but not any more so than anyone there with a gripe.  They never targeted anyone other than a legislator.  Why bother with anyone else.  Anyone else doesn’t change laws around here.  Tea Partiers had seen a lot of legislative change that created larger and more expensive government.

Now comes the Occupy movement that is growing throughout the US and Europe.  This is a take back your economy movement.  To do this, they are not going to Washington DC to confront legislators or even the President.  No,  they are camped out in front of corporate America.  What good does that do?  Not much.  They are occupying the wrong street.  But emotion not just reason drives this mulch-faceted group.  It runs the gamut from far left anarchists to fiddle of the road liberals.

But as in Cairo and elsewhere, the pushy, destructive forces on the far left want to forego civilized discussion and encounters.  They want shock value so they pushed a couple of old ladies down cement steps at the DC Convention Center.  They were in the Capitol for a tribute to Reagan dinner.  The leftists targeted the dinner and pushed and shoved to the point that the old ladies were hurt and at least one had to go t o hospital.  These women were not part of the 1% that anyone knows of.  If they and all of the occupants  of the hall, then we are talking 12% or more perhaps.  Regardless, there is an element in this movement that is now out of control.

The radical element that has embedded itself in the occupy movement bears watching and we need to keep a perspective on just how big a part of the movement they represent.  It will be critical in being able to assess the growth and direction of Occupy Wall Street.

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