Occupy Philadelphia Has Changed; and Mayor Nutter Addresses Resultant Policy Change

Posted on November 14, 2011

Sunday, Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter made a very detailed and straightforward report on his Administration’s involvement with Occupy Philadelphia, of current municipal needs and provided a profile of a changed Occupy leadership and mix.  [link to the full news conference]


Following this, a FOX News reporter attempted to interview members of the Occupy movement and here is the result:

The question remains: what happened to the original leadership?  This has been SamHenry’s concern from the initial stages of this movement.  It is leaderless in most locations and it is just this side of anarchy when some of the more radical elements join in. And just when things are getting juicy, Jesse Jackson shows up.  He would never let a good mess go to waste.

Mayor Nutter has done the responsible thing.  Overnight accommodation for protesters in public spaces should be outlawed. Either you protest within the guidelines or you become a mob.  It’s very simple.

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