Keaton and Allen – She Still Loves Him After All of These Years

Posted on November 15, 2011

In her recently released autobiography, Then Again, Diane Keaton at 65 reveals she still loves her good friend,Woody Allen.  She has stood by him through thick and thin but she was with him during his most productive period – the Annie Hall era.

Among the films from this collaboration was Play it Again Sam, in which each played their iconic self-deprecating, neurotic selves.  The ghost of Humphrey Bogart follows Allen’s character and whispers tips on dating and romancing women into his initially non-responsive ear.

Bogart:  “Move Closer to Her.”

Allen:  “How close”?

Bogart: “The length of your lips.”

Bogart:  “Tell her she has the most intreaguing eyes.”

Allen: [To Keaton] “You have the most eyes.”

Allen to Bogart:  “She bought it.”

Here is the FULL film clip of this episode in the film:


Keaton reveals herself with an unadorned honesty not found in the usual Hollywood celebrity tomes and also adds some surprises as well.

She and Allen were always strange bedfellows but on film, they were their edgy, trend-setting and artful selves.

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