Romney Calls Gingrich a Career Politician. Sorry, Mitt, But That’s Just What’s Needed Now

Posted on November 30, 2011

You know Newt Gingrich is coming from behind to overtake Mitt Romney when Romney fired a shot at Gingrich today.  It was supposed to sink Gingrich’s ship.  He called him a “lifelong politician.” [WAPO]

At the start of this campaign this claim was already losing its charm.  Now even some stalwart Democrats have had enough of inexperience in the White House and are shifting about for ways to avoid Obama.  At this turning point in our nation’s history, we cannot afford four more  years of studied, careful responses to critical national and international issues.  We need someone who can boldly go forward.

It’s taken some time but Newt has finally kept himself respectably together long enough to demonstrate that his experience and ability to deftly deal with the opposition is just what is needed.  But he has to be careful.  In a CBS interview today, he did what many would have advised  him not to do: he commented on the Herman Cain debacle.  He sympathized with Cain but said Cain himself needed to be the one to determine his future course.  He did acknowledge that he felt Cain’s pain.

With his own past of not handling the women in his romantic past well, he needs to tread carefully in this area and not be drawn in.  He did, however, refer to the “dishonest” campaign he felt Obama would wage knowing that the Republicans could win.  He let it be know that while he and his wife don’t know what will come from the other side, they are prepared for it.  This is the kind of perspective we need in a leader.  He did not harass women that we know; he had some appropriate moments in dealing with them.  These are not the same things.  See this video by a CNN iReport colleague:

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