Republicans Wringing Their Hands Over Newt

Posted on December 9, 2011

What is the Republican camp to do about Newt Gingrich?  Surging in the polls and in matters under investigation.  Will a vote for Newt really take us forward or will we remain at that fork in the road?  Clearly many Tea Partiers and Palin supporters will not want to close ranks – at least not at this point.  You have to admire the moral fiber of those who will never accept anything but a morally unrighteous person for whom to vote into the nation’s highest office.

And as a CNN commentator said last night, it is amazing to see how Republicans don’t want Mitt Romney to be the standard-bearer.  Aside from a liberal health care record, in all other matters, he has a large store of plus factors going for him.  Right about now, however, he functions more like a door man at a luxury hotel.  Greeting voters but they are really there to see someone else.

Slowly as Newt rises in the polls, many Republicans are jumping into line behind him but at the same time bemoaning the fact that with Newt, the moral compass did not come with the package.  They stand around wringing their hands at each new day’s dump of negative, nasty information dug up about him.  Yet there is no better qualified candidate for the job in terms of experience.

Here is the heart of the matter and here is where people will eventually draw the line in the sand over Newt.  He stands a chance against Obama.  Some independents and even some Democrats will vote for him.  But in a very real sense, he may end up being a candidate without a country.  Why?  Because thinking people will conclude that if he can lie to two wives about his liaisons with other women, what might he lie about to the American people?  Transparency is, after all, the new buzz word about administrations and leadership styles.

Much as he is THE man of the hour to handle the mess this country is in, he will always be hobbled by his personal past in most minds.  But then there is the Clinton Construct.  It goes that if you are a great enough President, most will over look your moral transgressions.  Could it be we view the office itself of a lesser calling than it was in the time of the inspirational leadership of men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel and John Adams?  It was a post largely associated with devout, dutiful white protestant Europeans.

But we are now living in an increasingly secular world (unless you are Muslim).  A man or woman can’t sully an office held as just another piece of government.  So perhaps now the man and the office he shapes will no longer be as inspirational or as technically successful.

Meanwhile, Republicans are wringing their hands and saying to each other “he’s the only one who can truly carry it off but I don’t like him as a person.”  They may be right.  But they clearly