Sarah Ferguson Still Resident of Windsor Cottage – Could Beatrice Have Christmas Engagement?

Posted on December 10, 2011

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are slowly giving in to the fact that they will need a staff of domestics for their new home, it appears that Prince Andrew is able to get by with just 3 housekeepers but untold other flunkies.  He is however one short and so has advertised on the Royal Website.

But wait, wasn’t his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, supposed to move out of  his home, Windsor Lodge and set up housekeeping in California or elsewhere in the US?  Apparently there  have been delays.  Further, her daughter, Eugenie, still lives with her father, the Duke, at his residence in Windsor Great Park.  What could be the reason for the delay in her departure?

SamHenry theorizes that perhaps Beatrice and her long-time boyfriend, Dave Clark, who have been dating for 5 years may soon have an announcement.  She has completed her university studies and the only goal she seems to have at this time is to bone up on Royal duties as a member of the Royal Family.  This is somewhat the pattern Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, followed until her engagement.  Perhaps an announcement is in the near future for Dave and Beatrice.

Meanwhile, Dad Duke is busy interviewing people for the “Edwardian” duties of a domestic at his pad.  Here is the article describing that effort.