Carla Bruni in Marrakesh: Arab Pro-Democracy Activists Angered.

Posted on December 26, 2011

Global anger of the have nots against the haves is getting rather ridiculous.  Last week, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, wife of France’s President, flew out to Morocco ahead of her husband with their  infant daughter to spend the holidays.  Of course for security and other reasons (she was there accompanied by 10 body guards) she has to stay in areas known to be safe and more easily defended.  She is ensconced in a luxury residence  just outside the fabled Marrakesh.

The sight of a multi-millionaire political wife holidaying in a luxury gated villa is exactly what gives Arab countries a bad name,’ said Jamal Dhabi, a Moroccan political analyst.

There is widespread anger at our countries being viewed as playgrounds for the super rich, while the vast majority of the population has nothing.

There is widespread anger at our countries being viewed as playgrounds for the super rich, while the vast majority of the population has nothing.’

It is unclear who is funding the latest holiday, though King Mohammed has a long history of offering free hospitality to French politicians, including former president Jacques Chirac, who retains a villa near Marrakesh.

It was Mr Sarkozy who, a year ago, instructed colleagues to ‘spend their holidays in France’ because of the embarrassment they were causing by accepting hospitality from Arab dictators.

Attractive holiday: France's First Lady today celebrated her 44th birthday in Marrakesh along with her two-month-old daughter, Giulia, and at least 10 security guardsAttractive holiday: France’s First Lady today celebrated her 44th birthday in Marrakesh along with her two-month-old daughter, Giulia, and at least 10 security guards

At the time, Prime Minister Francois Fillon and his family had enjoyed a luxury free holiday in Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt, while Foreign Secretary Michele Alliot-Marie had done the same thing in Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s Egypt.

Both Mubarak and Ben Ali were later deposed during the Arab Spring revolutions, but many people accused France’s political class of having legitimised their despotic regimes.

The ruling monarchy in Morocco, a former French protectorate, is frequently criticised for keeping the vast majority of the population in poverty, and for human rights abuses.

King Mohammed VI survived the Arab Spring demonstrations, but only by promising constitutional reforms, and there are still many who want him to step down.

Despite this, he considers himself a ‘close friend’ of the Sarkozys, and had them to stay during last year’s Christmas holidays.

Official duties: An Elysee Palace source confirmed that Ms Bruni and her baby were in Marrakesh, but would not say if Mr Sarkozy, who was today in the Czech Republic for the funeral of Vaclav Havel, would join them

Such lavish trips were thought to have become a thing of the past since the Arab Spring, however, but Ms Bruni is clearly intent on enjoying Morocco’s winter sun.

Also in Marrakesh at the same time as Ms Bruni is Jean-Francois Cope, general secretary of the UMP.

‘Carla should be ashamed of herself,’ said pro-democracy activist Laila Mansouri. ‘Morocco is an Arab country with huge social problems – all she does is legitimise them.

‘Carla even tried to keep her trip to Morocco a secret. That might work for a country like France where there are strict privacy laws to protect the rich, but it won’t over here.’
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Now this is a lot to sort through if you are a capitalist.  Let’s see here.  There are so many unanswered questions:
  1. Capitalists are to stay home but send money?
  2. The Arabs only want oil money?
  3.  They don’t want rich people to visit the countries either as guests or on their own?
  4. Were we supposed to have avoided these countries until they got their political, economic and religious policies worked through to the satisfaction of unknown individuals?
  5. If the rich come to play and leave money in the country, that means they are ultimately responsible for the fact that it never makes it to poor people?
  6. They no longer want our foreign aid?
  7. Will they continue to order armaments from us?
  8. Tourism is a dead industry in the Arab world?  It makes sense to have hotel workers unemployed and to join the poor?

It is so hard these days to know just what an Islamist or so-called Pro-democracy demonstrator wants from us because the demonstrations are clearly aimed at us directly or indirectly albeit with a garbled message save one:  Yankee go home and we will meet you back there and bomb you into nothingness in your “HOMELAND.”

Who could not be on pins and needles wondering how short of world chaos this will all turn out.  Remember, to survive in this:

  1. If you have anything, hide it.
  2. And hide a good education, too.  Remember to dump verb agreement.
  3. Limit world vacations to Disney World or Disneyland.  What a man of vision Walt Disney was to know the world would one day be closed to us.
  4. Give to the government, your religious affiliate (just to keep them going), and to any/all poor people you come across to the greatest extent possible to let the world know capitalists (that includes you middle class) have learned a valuable lesson:  Work hard for money; share it with everyone as your reward.  That is the lesson of value to the poor.

A friend came across a wooden treadmill used by pioneers to capture animal power to churn butter, etc.  Start building.  You don’t honestly believe that we will be left with electricity or potable water after the revolutionaries and corporate conglomerates get through with us?  We will need animals to power our TVs too so we won’t miss a night of news in which we have again been chastised.