Can the GOP Be Saved?

Posted on January 1, 2012

The “marriage” between diverse elements of the Republican party has not occurred and it is rife with strife among members strong and steadfast in their positions on issues and their choice of candidate. 

Instead of compromise, there is leap frogging from candidate to candidate. Now Rick Santorum is “surging” as Republicans and others desert Newt Gingrich’s sinking ship.

It has been a listless contest between Mitt Romney and whatever other candidate was on top of the rest of the pack. 

With Romney unloved by the majority of those who still think of themselves as Republicans,  His approval ratings have remained until recently in the high 20s in the percentage game.

He simply cannot run successfully against Barack Obama. The numbers are not there and a telling sign is that Democrats really want to run against him.

Sadly, voters with more liberal Republican views Libertarians, independents and disillusioned Democrats have been flocking to some independent movements. And article in the NY Times talked to the stage being set for a third party.

Inasmuch as there has been more straightforward expression of diverse views within the GOP.  This may prove to be healthier than we know for those who remain in the party for 2012.  The “remaindermen” will inherit methods of “outing” issues that bring division rather than cater to them. And as they are unable to attract a significant number of new people to their cause, the end result of  an inability to compromise might just become clearer to them.

There is a mixed bag of voters disenchanted with any/all of the people running at this time.  Democrats also count among those leaving the fold. However, 3rd party candidates and the rubble of the GOP may further dilute the possibility of unseating Barack Obama.

If the GOP is to survive, it will still have to accomplish what it has not been able to do from the beginning of the 2012 primary campaign:  Compromise. 

If Republicans cannot compromise among themselves or as members of Congress with the Democrats, then the Republican party will remain permanently shattered and become a third party itself.  It cannot continue in this condition and win national elections.

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