Oh That New Hampshire Could End The Hopes of ALL the Current Candidates

Posted on January 10, 2012

Listening to the current field of Republican candidates is like trying to fine tune an old radio.  Not easy. Lots of static.  They make a statement; take a position and then modify it beyond recognition and bury it with fuzzy syntax to mirror their thinking while smugly delivering their non-position with a smug smile.

“Hissy Fit” comes to mind as we listen to them all take off after the leader of the pack du jour.  These are not statesmen; these are salesmen on the hustings.

Has anyone actually taken the pulse of America in terms of what kind of personality, look and point of view would pass muster? Not really. Nowhere is an article on the ideal candidate. It has probably been censored.  Then again, with the dumbing down of America, it may not have made it out of the mind of the erstwhile scribe.

Women candidates are tolerated but will never rise above the status of something closely akin to being an adjunct professor.  McCain threw Sarah Palin to the lions and she turned around, stood her ground and shot a few.

Michele Bachmann ran a campaign reminiscent of a dreamer caught in a burning house – yelling the message and never really being heard.  She actually became a better candidate but too late in the game.

Republicans love repetition.  If a soup recipe calls for one onion, why not put in two.  Similarly, if  a primary season calls for a slick middle of the road Mormon, why aren’t two better than just one?  Ditto Texans.  Gotta have two of ’em.  Santorum did well because he wasn’t like anyone else in the field.  Sadly, for him, Republicans hate surprises.

Old age seems to be popular with Republicans. Pshaw. There’s strength in numbers after all and face it; most of the old gray guard are in physical therapy when the rest of the population is  sitting around mesmerized by the likes of Anderson Cooper. Yep. If you have gray hair, a limp wrist, a rich mother and two shows on TV, you have to be America’s ideal. That’s who should be president.

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