Is there A Conspiracy to Nominate Rommney?

Posted on January 14, 2012

Ask yourself a few questions about moneyed and powerful interests that have more to say about election outcomes these days than the electorate:

1. What Republican nominee would benefit corporate America the most?

2. What Republican nominee could best ensure re-election for Barack Obama?

3. What foreign interests would best be served with a particular Republican nominee?

Corporate America is not that displeased with the Obama Administration.  After all, some of the largest companies like GM got a bail out.  Others such as Bank of America and a handful of brokerage  houses got a slap on the wrist and no one went to jail for defrauding the American  public in mortgages, credit cards and investments.

Many look to the way Obama has opened up to new markets and interest such as Brazil and more of South East Asia.  They still view China and liaisons with the Chinese as a money-making proposition.  It is particularly useful if the West wants to unload a sinking company.  China likes to snap up luxury car brands about to sink and remake them into success stories they could not become without their infusion of capital.  And in the end, health care legislation benefited the health care industry and its insurers as well a reducing corporate responsibility in this increasingly expensive area.

If Romney has only been able to maintain 25-28% of the Republicans behind him for months (and 4 years ago), why would he be able to keep voters in his own party from bolting to Obama or to not vote at all?  Democrats have been strategizing their campaign for months with Romney plugged in as the adversary.  It is not that they think him formidable. On the contrary, they think they have the best chance for re-election if Romney were the Republican candidate.

Foreign interests on the rise such as India and Brazil have to-date benefited from Obama’s policies that support weapon sales to India and economic windfalls to Brazil such as oil exploration for them (that would mainly benefit the Chinese).  China herself  has given little to Obama.  His trips there have netted exactly zero concessions.  Yet the Obama Administration has militarily “covered” Chinese economic operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya.  Under the NATO umbrella and led by the US, 30,000 Chinese workers evacuated that country during its recent civil war. [FT]  And Russia?  Under Barack Obama, Putin has risen again to the top of the heap there and the return of the Soviet style of leadership seems assured.

But you say, Romney is heavily supported by corporate money.  Yes he is.  But corporations would consider it money well lost if Romney as a candidate would ensure Obama’s re-election.  The MSM is pushing for Romney to the point of the ridiculous.  And they have relied solely on polls – not always a sure reading of a populace – to support Romney as he “surges.”

SamHenry predicts that if Romney is the Republican nominee, then count on a stampede of Liberal Republicans and independents to either a third party candidate or to the Obama camp candidate.  After all, in a brilliant campaign move, this week President Obama announced a plan to streamline government and save money.  Now what could be more Republican?