An Economy that Sees Children, Pets and the Elderly Increasingly Left Out in the Cold.

Posted on January 17, 2012

The move toward the FDA we know today began way back in1938 in reaction to a Tennessee firm that sold an elixir that chemically approached antifreeze.  It  killed young children and the elderly.  If you are a pharmaceutical company, those are the very populations you go out of your way to protect.  The result of this tragedy was the Food Drug and Cosmetic act of 1938 that laid the groundwork for New Drug development in the US. []

But in times of turmoil and distress, these very populations are the first overboard.  With people losing jobs and money, we have been reading for months of dogs, cats, horses and other pets being abandoned – many left in cages in their yards to die.  Now last week came stories out of Greece of children being abandoned by parents who could no longer afford care for them.

And the elderly?  They have listened for months about how cuts to Medicare must be the saving grace for socialized medicine.  After all, we again live in the real world of the survival of the fittest.  In this country – in the west in fact – the period from 1920 until now was a kind of fantasy we all passed through. So many thought it would last forever and generations of people forgot what life on this planet really entailed.

You still have to work hard if you want anything.  You may not be cared for unless you prepare for it yourself. The wolf will always be at the door; the Indians will always be circling the wagons.  We have been very fortunate up until now.  The “Indians”  of today are the more militant Arabs and Europeans and others now living through social, economic and political upheaval.  How could we have forgot so quickly (in terms of the long road of human time) about the true nature of life here? And now that we have been abruptly reminded, many are carrying on as if they have been unfairly deprived of  a lifestyle they think they deserve.

Crowds gather and rail at mother government for not protecting them better. They deserve to be fed and clothed and housed and educated.  Days have been spent in tents demonstrating in front of  Wall Street financial institutions and in cities across the US.  But who among them even thought to volunteer to better not only their own lives independently but to benefit that of  others as well?

No, it is always someone else’s fault. And if you don’t get paid for something, well, you won’t do it.  Then, when you can no longer care for your own, you give what you have – kids, dogs, cats, grandparents – to the care of others.  No trying to band with others to try to pool resources to help keep families together is something so many in this generation just cannot do.  They lack basic social skills and a sensitivity to the need of others that marked earlier decades of the 1900s.  After all even BEFORE taxes, the wealthy of this country endowed libraries, hospitals, concert halls, research clinics and  hospitals – the list is endless.

Daily we are creating chaos within chaos and it appears endless.  In the 1930s, were there the abandoned animals and children as  there are now?  If we remembered history, should be have been better prepared to go into a period like the one we are in?

The Depression had a powerful impact on family life. It forced couples to delay marriage and drove the birthrate below the replacement level for the first time in American history. The divorce rate fell, for the simple reason that many couples could not afford to maintain separate households or pay legal fees. But rates of desertion soared. By 1940, 1.5 million married women were living apart from their husbands. More than 200,000 vagrant children wandered the country as a result of the breakup of their families.[]

So, as we discovered after WWII, Germans were not unique in creating a holocaust, now we see that what happened in Greece last week, happened here early last century.

The sad fact is that with the dissolution of a decent education system in this country, no one has even the faintest grasp of history anymore nor do they think things through in a way that may lead to a solution to something.  It is a globe of screaming, demanding disappointed adults acting like criminal children deprived of doing anything they want.  This is not to undercut the citizens of Syria or now of Romania once again in the streets but the disease taking down many governments is self-interest.  Few are the stories we hear today of a good Samaritan. Why bother?  It’s someone else’s problem – no doubt the government’s.

Friendships in this country have been adulterated by “networking” – using people essentially to get somewhere.  We are a “user” society and now there is nothing to use and nowhere to go. What will we do?  Will we again learn about, say, growing vegetables to eat?  Helping someone with less – sharing without having something taken from you through taxation or force?

The thing at risk today is not THE Constitution but our constitution.  We have lost our freedom because we stopped working hard for it.  No one came here deposed royalty. Our pioneer forefathers; the native peoples so well adapted to their world both had hard lives.  Middle class Americans have not yet begun to know what living a hard life is.  It is creeping upon us slowly.

People are still forced from their homes.  But where are the VOLUNTEERS that will help them to keep together as a family and find food.  We have not yet begun to suffer; we have not yet begun to learn that sharing and caring are the only things that will save us from losing everything and keep us civilized people of constitution.

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