Wind in the Wicker or How 60 MPH Winds in Western NY Blew My Porch Furniture Away

Posted on January 18, 2012

We were warned that there would be 60 mph gusts last night. I did not question the forecast because our weather this season has been more than unseasonable.  We have not had to deal with much snow and temperatures have been way above normal.  How I love global warming but then I am not a skier or in any industry that counts on snow.

The first winds hit at about 8:00 PM with such force, it sounded as if there were a tornado moving down the street complete with freight train sound. It could very well have been a little something that twirled and whirled itself down my street.  I called to my student boarders to move their car to a place of fewer trees in the driveway my car was garaged).  They immediately sprung into action.

I was all settled in my warm bed with the Jack Russell Terrier bed warmer when the door bell rang.  There stood a diminutive woman with an even more diminutive dog (Boston Terrier), buffeted by winds and excitedly telling me that my wonderful wicker porch furniture was spread over two yards and some was in the street.  She had dragged on piece from the road and I could never see her ability to do that obvious to the viewer anywhere.

Happily my student boarders  got into the spirit of the “crisis” and helped me recover my property.  Thank goodness the rain had stopped.

We have battened down the hatches and await further investigations into what wonders the wind in the wicker brought to this property.

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