ABC Intervew with Mrs. Gingrich #2. Sex Sells.

Posted on January 19, 2012

It  has been widely reported that ABC News plans to air an interview with Newt Gingrich’s second wife a couple of days ahead of the South Carolina primary.  Pre-program press indicates that it will be “explosive” and it has moved the Gingrich girls from wife #1 to fly to their father’s defense.

Let’s all boycott the Nightline interview of this second wife this evening.  Like a jury, let’s take our charge not from newspapers, TV stations and other media outlets.  Let’s try to take a charge similar to those given to juries by the attorneys or a judge in a criminal trial.  Let’s employ common sense before determining if you even want to view this show never mind let Gingrich’s second wife’s words influence your vote for him.  Many do  hold moral temperament paramount in their leaders while others hold that personal lives are not our business unless they said lives become criminalized.

Are the sensationalized details of a marriage even pertinent to a political campaign?  Should a news outlet manipulate votes through timing of the release of information they feel the public need to know? Personal lives of leaders is important but does not drive the governing process.  If it did, such programs would  have a basis for being respected sources for accurate and balanced information that is useful.  Governor of New York Cuomo divorced a Kennedy with small children and he seems to be governing well with his “companion” at his side in lieu of a first lady.  Surely this is more interesting?

There are degrees in everything.  New Gingrich has not flaunted an immoral temperament and conducted himself like a rake or a roue  in public.  This is not a movie.  This is real life.  We need to consider balance in all things. We are looking of leadership not lechery.  Newt may be self-serving and less than commendable in the conduct of his private life, but it has not impaired his intellect nor his ability to lead.  He’s a rat in terms of  at least one woman in his life but she was not his mistress, she was his wife.  Most of us know two things:  It is difficult to know what went on in a marriage and that it is intensely personal “stuff.”  For this reason, the documents in a divorce case are usually closed.

Then there is Rick Perry. He is bowing out of the race before losing in South Carolina.  He and Gingrich have both been out for the Conservative vote.  Will he endorse Romney or Newt?  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, watch the debate this evening.  This is Gingrich ground.  This is where he is truly a hands down winner – in a debate. It’s the issues, stupid. Let’s listen.


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