ABC Neglegent In Interviewing 2nd Mrs. Gingrich, an MS Patient. Personality Change Can Be Part of Disease

Posted on January 20, 2012

Anyone with a chronic illness is usually affected by the rigors of the illness.  My late father suffered from a brain tumor.  Of course it was not clear where it was headed in his brain but he did indeed suffer personality change.

Similarly, Multiple Sclerosis from which Marianne Gingrich, the second Mrs.Newt Gingrich,  suffers is also a chronic disease.  It also affects personality:

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic illness that can affect people in many different ways. MS usually changes how a person feels and functions physically. It can also affect an individual’s personality.

Changes in Emotions, Behaviors, and Information Processing (Cognitive) abilities are often subtle and barely apparent to others. But for people with MS, these changes can be just as challenging – if not more so – than the physical symptoms of the disease.


The first way that MS can affect Personality is by changing a person’s self-concept and sense of Emotional well-being.

MS often presents a very different physical and emotional experience that can be extremely difficult and painfully slow to integrate.

The second way MS can affect Personality is by altering Cognitive abilities and skills. Sometimes the disease impacts the ability to Organize, Integrate and Understand our experiences. [Source here]

Several sources on the internet have confirmed the above including an article in the New York Times.

To not research the viability of the source for information about the Gingrich marriage up to and including the second wife who has suffered from MS is reckless.  It also does not contribute to her well-being. Her family would not want to her to go on national TV when she is no longer fully herself.

In consideration of the above, ABC’s airing of the interview with the second Mrs. Gingrich was medically and politically incorrect and inappropriate.  It was manipulative and self-serving to a TV enterprise long lowest in the ratings of the three major commercial networks.

Anyone who takes the word of someone with a personality difficulty as the result of illness is not doing that person a favor nor anyone whose behavior his/her words may affect.

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