2012 Election – Democracy’s Delusional Ritual of Freedom

Posted on January 23, 2012

America has always been a nation of dreamers but in this century, it’s become a living nightmare to be an American. Nothing is as it seems and now it has become a national past time to try to find out just what is behind this that and the other thing.  This becomes the debate and not issues that need to be resolved for the good of the nation.

The worst part of the nightmare is that it is now very real to us that it takes a lot of money to become President and either you use yor own hard won millions or someone else’s.   If you are using your own millions, then it is important to learn just how legally they were garnered (eg. Romney).  If  you use someone else’s money, be aware you will be queried about from whom you got them and if that person or enterprise was legal (eg. Obama).  Either way, time and energy is spent on what is behind what we are electing and not that person we will be electing.

This is clearly a system that needs to be changed but how, short of revolution, will the power brokers give over their power and let Americans raise up and vote for people who are truly honest and deserving who are financed on an equal footing with other candidates?  Not bloody likely.  But in order for us to have true democracy, that is what it will take.

This should be the central issue to this and every other election until this unholy nightmare is ended. But is there danger in a system in which literally anyone could become President?  Of course. It could bring into high office someone with ideas that are completely undemocratic, not based on Constitutional law, and otherwise unrecognizable beliefs to those of us who hold ourselves to be the true inheritors of the American tradition.   It is this fact and not the fact that there might be criminals behind candidates that is the real road block to true freedom of choice in our election.

The trouble with democracy is that it is not a guarantee of anything and it can usher in something completely popular but truly oppressive.  We have been skirting this issue as we watch Europe being overcome by the Muslim millions who have immigrated there by taking advantage of the vote and other tools of the republic.  It is something we don’t mention since we have had to sit back and watch Libya and other countries we have helped turn to Sharia law.

No, democracy is no longer our great advantage.  Protection of the status quo by less than democratic means seems to be the method du jour to protect the American way.  Welcome to the end of the road.  Our founders never fully realized a multicultural society in which what they might abhor could be easily voted into being.  No wonder few bother to go out to vote.

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