SamHenry Reviews Recent News – Quick Hits for January 31, 2012

Posted on January 31, 2012

Social Media:  good grief, Facebook has taken things to the next level of hell in this area.  You can now declare “close” friends and you are given a special area in which to share.  Talk about creating an atmosphere of privacy when none exists -anywhere on the web.  Most people think what is said in this area is private. Facebook hopes you do. Think of the things said here that can further enlighten them about you, your inner circle and your true feelings about everything.  Insidious.

Congress and Insider Trading: Talk about insidious.  These gentlemen and women have spent the last four years developing rules and laws to rein in Wall Street and Banks and only now the confess they were doing the same criminal things.  Aren’t they wonderful?  They are drafting legislation to make this illegal. Insider trading has always been illegal has it not.  Wasn’t Martha Stewart jailed for it?

Republican Candidates:  Can you recall candidates?  Most things that turn out the way you did not want them to go you can.  Their behavior,their qualifications and their ability to garner attention for negative thinking and criticism is unparalleled.

Puppy:  Here’s the big news.  Sampson Charles Whitney or “Charlie” will be coming home Thursday.  No sleep and no time for the next week.  I will try to check in.  Sam Charles is beautiful and has Sam’s head.  They had the Sam sire.  The breeder said he will be a really big dog.  Friends say he will knock me down.  I say if  he does, I would be dying happy!



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