What Republican Candidates Aren’t Debating.

Posted on February 4, 2012

High on the list of items the Republican candidates are not discussing overly much is foreign policy.  And the question central to that?  How to deal with growing Muslim dominance of the Middle East and their threat to Europe.  The heart of the war is for the cultural and political domination of Europe – other countries in the West are not as vulnerable.  The seat of western culture once captured. the war of these two great cultures will be over and the Muslim world will  have won.  Two things make the West’s chances doubtful:  lack  a battle against religious followers is difficult.  Their fever will carry them far.

China is not a country they will refrain from attacking because its culture is not trying to overcome ours and they actually need us after a fashion.  But the Muslim world will always be problematic especially if led by Iran – supported by China and Russia.  Both of those countries sell arms to the Iranians and provide technological support.  Then, too, NATO forces led by the US flew cover as 30,000 Chinese workers evacuated Libya during that crisis.  China has been clever enough to have created a veritable web of associations around the world.

Until Romney’s unfortunate remark about the poor, not much has been said to garner the poor vote – an ever-expanding class.  To say there is a net is to miss the point. You have to provide for all constituents when running for office.

The immigration issue has only been touched on and mainly in the initial stages of the campaign as a kind of acid test.  Again, the sad fact  is that we need the immigrants to fuel our economy.  I have dear friends from England who may not be able to stay here because they are not needed in the economy.  He finally created a business here in hope of qualifying. When I immigrated to Canada in the 1960s, I had to pass a literacy test, prove that I  had a job, health care and sufficient other income to stay off the welfare rolls.  That was a tall order.  Few could make it past that and yet at the time, Canadians criticized us for making it tough for them to immigrate here.

Not enough has been said about education – something that is key to our economic future.  Obama has put this on his agenda for this year and Republicans need to keep up with it.  Enough of about his birth certificate and lets talk an important issue such as this.  Education is also a big industry in this country.  We can’t afford to lose this battle.

There are other issues that have got short shrift either because they are seen as too controversial or to have limited appeal to voters.



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