Frogs of Our Fathers

Posted on February 10, 2012

It’s not the world of your father’s frogs anymore.  Today they come in for a great deal of  “ribbi”t- ribbing.  They sell beer, they support crazy linkages such as “the frog of war,” and they get run over by cars and trucks.  The whole population living or dead is has not just been marginalized but they have been flat-lined as well.

Now the worst of the wost insult came this week in the form of a comic moment featuring Madonna, darling girl of the liberal side.  She  has been compared to this amphibian.  Massive legs spread in frog fashion with sarcasm that follows.  It is hysterical.  But the venom of the left is not.

Using biting humor as a weapon, the left is having a field day with jokes in the format of the above.  Jokes are the “little bit of sugar that helps the medicine go down.”  And that is what is going on here.  We’ve gone beyond the thoughtful yet funny political cartoons of the past to photo-shopped  reorganization of reality to titilate. They are so close to real as to be believable and that’s the point: the message is deadly serious.

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