Now Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Blackmailing the US Government

Posted on February 14, 2012

Riddle of the Spinx updated: Will the US find a policy to save face in Egypt?

Talk about kicking you when you’re down, the Muslim Brotherhood without even so much as having won a majority in Egypt is now telling the US they had better not cut back aid to Egypt or they will end all agreements to leave Israel alone.  The background on the dispute that has led to this is featured here.

This new twist on how to humble the US and tie its hands is as crafty as the 911 attacks.  That said, the money sent to Egypt on behalf of our two political parties is perhaps not helpful in its influence peddling outside diplomatic channels. On the other hand,, think of the massive donations to our political candidates by foreign governments each year tat are well disguised to avoid laws against the practice.

The bottom line here is that Obama’s great speech to the Muslim world when he first came into office seems to have fallen on deaf ears as he has in reality shifted his policies toward countries in the region with his growing experience in office.  It is strange the Obama Administration can’t set things up to make the Egyptian Muslims look like the baddies in the piece. They have been so thoroughly successful doing this to Republicans in the 2012 campaign.  But then, their focus and their success has never rested on foreign policy. It is their weak point and something that should be highlighted during the campaign because it is as important as domestic policy these days.


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