Anger Among Many Republicans Mounts as Romney Money Controls Outcomes

Posted on February 29, 2012

This primary year more than any other, the monetary power behind the candidates is angering constituents. Mitt Romney drifted at 25% favorability for months. True, he was stable but those numbers are not those one would want to tag along with a campaign forever and in truth, they have changed. However, so  has the electorate.

Republicans have now taken the measure of others in the field in a serious manner – testing them and then going on to the next.  Realization that there should be more examination of all candidates has really become apparent of late.  Still, Tuesday did not decide things and another candidate could pull it off either “in the field” or at the convention.  This is as it should be.

Romney has been shoved down the collective throats of Republican voters of all stripes for months.  Big money says he will win but voters think otherwise.  Rarely has the opposition to Romney befallen a candidate so favorably looked upon by the party’s elite.  And that is the point. Americans have moved past the elite. We now see more clearly how our election system has been stripped of its meaning by money.  After this election, no matter the outcome, there should be enough pressure to revamp campaign financing to really get the job done.  We need to go beyond checking off a box on our tax returns.

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