Palin Bio Pic on HBO Pure Democratic Propaganda

Posted on March 10, 2012

A newly minted movie about Sara Palin and the 2008 Republican campaign, Game Change, will be playing tonight on HBO.  The channel has an excellent reputation for creating high quality  films about all manner of subjects such as the award-winning John Adams.  It is disappointing, therefore, to see that vendor engaging in blatant propaganda during an election year.

Julianne Moore plays a credible Sara who not only is viewed as having been locked out of the McCain campaign’s inner circle but who discovers the depth of disarray the campaign shouldered.  The actress who portrays her underscored this point in an interview.

Merle Streep recently played Margaret Thatcher, admitted she did not agree with many of her political views but was determined to portray her via the script and not her own views.  That is a real artist of stature and substance talking.  Moore is being supported by HBO and of course by the Main-Stream Media.

It is noteworthy that this as been produced ahead of the election this fall.  It is cutting Palin off at the pass, so-to-speak.  One wouldn’t want her to emerge a qualified, available candidate during the Republic convention.  This is to remind people that such a blatantly unprepared woman could not be President of the United States.  The audience should well-remember what Sara Palin has stood for and accomplished since 2008.  While I disagree with Palins’ positions on many issues, this overly anti-Palin portrayal does nothing to enhance her image.  It is just as much propaganda in art gorm you will be viewing this evening.


Based on CNN Article here.


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