Why Romney Can’t Wrap This Up on His Schedule

Posted on March 27, 2012

George Romney is all for circumventing the opportunity for all states to participate in the primary and vote for a  few choices rather than confirm one choice.  Down the road, there should be a move to have one primary day. It would save candidates money – something we need to do to encourage the less financially endowed to participate. Think of the talent that has been unable to come to the fore.

Beyond the above consideration, Obama is seen as the candidate of the people.  He himself keeps hammering this point home. why has Romney been unable to  create the myth of being of and for the people as Obama did? Long before your words are carefully understood by your audience, they are sizing you up on how you dress, how you speak and countless other details that go into creating your image.

Mitt walks the walk and talks the talk of a corporate executive. It is an image thing.  Mitt uses the language of corporate America and underscores that by statements (albeit this one was a mistake) such as “I like to fire people.”  His manner is stiff and his speeches seem rehearsed. Unlike Obama, you will not see many pictures of Romney in casual attire wearing a bomber jacket (an iconic outfit to most Americans) as Obama did in the last election.

Obama not only finely crafted his image but his speeches and their delivery.  He is a great orator.  But most important, he did not abandon his key issues.  But as Newt Gingrich has recently said, Romney changes his positions and policies as if  he uses “etch a sketch.”  Who could identify with that?