Time Out for Fairness: The Piers Morgan – Toure Encounter and the Breitbart Hack Headline

Posted on March 31, 2012

Breitbart has a feature article titled: “MSNBC’s Toure has epic Race-Baiting Meltdown on CNN.”  It seemed a must read or rather a must watch clip from CNN’s Piers Morgan show.  Having watched the video, the headline is as far from the truth of the content as Africa from Central America.  It is a hack headline and beneath Breitbart.

True enough, Toure had some tough things to say and some directed at Piers.  He did not consider that Piers had been in the country long enough to fully understand the deep emotions that incidents such as the murder of a young black boy by a white or mixed white carried for blacks. Piers took exception and became  insulting in his retorts.

In the final analysis, Toure was being a black man reacting to a recent racial event. He was sharp and hard but Piers was more than insulting and lacked the professionalism as a journalist that he cited in Toure.  Toure in no way had an “epic meltdown.”  The Breitbart clip found here, was edited from the fuller segment below. Another tweaking of the facts that is unconscienable.

If this is the kind of “news” headline we accept in journalism that is overturned by the content then we are in big trouble and back in the era of yellow journalism.  Enough.  Personalities are not the name of this game. Important issues legal and cultural are and we will not get to the bottom of either in staging a context for discussion in this inciteful manner.