French Left Surges as Electorate Tired of BOTH Mainstream Parties. Possible for US?

Posted on April 2, 2012

This movement in the current French Presidential elections was noted in the UK’s Independent today:

But two factors threaten to throw the machinery of electoral strategy and political forecasting into a spin: the growing disenchantment of the French electorate with all mainstream politicians and a campaign that has failed to grapple convincingly with national, European and global economic crises.

Only 74 per cent of voters say they are certain to turn out, compared with 81 per cent at this stage in the 2007 campaign. A low poll could produce a maverick result, as it did in 2002 when Ms Le Pen’s father reached the second.

The same ennui appears to have overtake the American electorate.  Obama can’t seem to attain the same enthusiastic level of support that swept him into office 4 years ago. The Republicans have beaten us down with their feuding and feckless candidates that are a rehash of on-going issues – many that do not resound with the electorate-at-large such as birth control and abortion.  They will not leave it alone and right now it is devisive at a time that should be avoided.

It is unknown if a dark horse candidate will emerge at the convention.  Extreme right may end entice the war weary and finally achieve its takeover of the Republican party.    Of course the other method of achieving ends would be to put forth a 3rd party.  But the wild card ?  Voters of an independent stripe will no doubt have their own agenda that may tip this election on its formulaic ears.  Keep watching!