Christ Needed Us to Watch With Him; Democracy Demands We Watch It’s Fading Flame

Posted on April 4, 2012

At key moments in history, we have been asked to watch and/or to bear witness. Our active participation has been summoned. A phrase that has always moved me almost to tears is the one Christ uttered Maundy Thursday “would not ye watch with me for an hour”? addressed to his sleeping comrades.

John F. Kennedy addressed an entire nation that slept in his book “Why England Slept.” So much that goes on these days that is truly horiffic we turn our backs on. What is it in us that makes this a comfortable alternative?

Sleeping away an important watch was then and is now prelude to catastrophic events. Tha captain cannot sail a ship himself if the crew do not show up for their appointed watch times. Christ ran afoul of the Romans when no one was awake to help keep weatch.

And what of us here in America today? Who was keeping watch as Wall Street bankers and brokers plundered our funds? Who has been watching over our school children to ensure their good education? Where were the American people and their rage when the deficits first got out of control? Do we really think we can sleep walk through all of these important issues – issues that need to be addressed because they are at the heart and soul of a democratic society?

Rather than be annoyed at the ranting of the far right and left in the political spectrum, let’s give them credit for at least paying attention. We wonder how Mitt Romney can possibly have won the primary season – that’s easy. We were not paying closest attention. And we have given a silent pass to Super pacs.

The quality of the presidential candidates in this election season are not that of the great men of the past on whose shoulders they stand. And how did we get here? We were not watchful or even caring. Wake up America. Time is running out for preserving those last rights reserved to the states and to the citizens. Wake up.

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