The Battle in America Isn’t Racial

Posted on April 18, 2012

Tangela Ekhoff  wrote an opinion piece on that makes some good points. She both casts her critical gaze at the KKK and whites as well as Al Sharpton & Company and blacks.

But is it really about race?  Or is it a battle of enlightened, God-fearing minds against the darker forces of human nature that stem from evil and ignorance?  Racism is but one result of this basic divide.  We are headed for another dark ages according to Pope Benedict who is as a voice crying in the wilderness in a BBC video.  No doubt that we are if the intolerance index is any indication.

As in every time in history when bad things get the upper hand, fire spitting defenders of all sides emerge.  They aren’t out in the streets shouting let’s vote these white people out of office.  No, they are out there saying let’s murder whites so they learn a lesson.  Louis Farrakhan is the most outsopken about the eye for an eye approach to whites.

We live in a democracy and yet people are being surpressed in their comments and views.  They are careful with what they say in their blogs and in the comments they make on others’.  Alan West calls about 60 Democrats in the House “Communists.”  In return, he is just written off as another nut case.  But Louis Farrakhan is respected and feared and when he says whites will die, it has the ring of a prophecy.   No one calls him a nut case publically.  It is almost as if there is some kind of disconnect that his words meet with understanding.

With fewer people taking time to make a difference in their communities with meaningful volunteer work etc. , Intelligent souls  are far less exposed to the difficult real-life situations in which they dream of themselves as true catylists for change.

We need to go back to the drawing boards.We can no longer afford to have evils like slavery assigned to one ethnic group.  In this world, blacks have enslaved other blacks. Racism truly exists but it does not stand on its own.

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