Bin Laden Body Alleged To Have Been Found – That’s The Bad News

Posted on May 2, 2012

The bad news is that a perennial pursuer of sunken ships and other treasure claims to have found Bin Laden’s body bag west of an Indian City. He also claimed at one point in his career that he had located a much sought after sunken Spanish ship off the coast of California but it turned out that he had not.

He says he pinpointed the remains through aerial naval photos recently released.  So much for Naval intelligence in both senses of the word.  The best thing the US Government ever did was try to erase a trace of the former Al Quaeda leader.  His final resting place would have become a shrine and place of inspiration for further attacks on the West.  Now comes this adventurer who thinks he knows better than the best minds in international relations what the true outcome should be.

This will be only the first such claim of this kind.  Others will follow.  What the world needs is not one more look back at Osama Bin Laden and his purported enduring influence dead or alive but the lesson that all men are mortal and not beyond the reach of military reprisal for militant actions.   Bin Laden was not brought to civil justice or even a military tribunal.  He was the victim of an attack – of military “justic”e in the field.  Bin Laden had made the globe the platform for military combat.  The fallout if he had been captured alive would have been greater than 9/11 and the attendant violence it inspired.  The risk he would be murdered in custody too great. He lived as a man in charge of military operations; he died as such.

History is replete with warring peoples making it impossible to find the remains of enemy combatants.  Hitler’s remains were not fully discovered.  In Medieval times, victims were drawn and quartered making parts for scattering.  Far better this outcome than dragging the bodies of  our men through the dusty streets of the middle east, hanging their remains from bridges or putting their heads on spikes.  While there are arguments in our favor for his killing, few especially in the Muslim world will take time to assemble historical precedent and if someone does it, they will say it is all lies.  The militant Muslims never lie and their killings are justified.  That sounds to me like the US Government.  Perhaps we should begin highlighting our similarities.

Now for the good news: It is not at all certain that Bin Laden’s body has been found.  We live in hope.


Based on article found here