We Tear Down Everything From Celebraties to Governments – Where Has Respect Gone

Posted on May 26, 2012

The UK’s Daily Mail likes to dish the latest about celebrities worldwide. They do not spare anyone a close look and/or a teardown. For example, the ladies below and their feet – yes their feet. The Mail took a good look where others don’t bother to tread and came up with some unkind images and words.

In the US, the season of political mud-slinging of the worst kind has finally opened.  You just can’t talk about your opponent’s record, you have to tear down his belief system, his origin and the overall impression the candidate makes.  We are not into issues; we use them as a starting point for targeting the person in some way.  We are voting for someone to do a good job and who is qualified and also who, agrees closest with our political  views.

Hre is the article about the feet of celebrities,  It is a waste of time – just as wasteful as articles about accounts of the use of argumentum adhominem by our candidates:


And Globally the “Arab Spring” is spreading. It is spreading to democracies where there are elections but where people are frustrated by the people who get in and are crooks.  So it’s demonstrate and tear the government down.  We are impatient for the ballot box.  Democracy is now in the streets.  We have to be very careful. Democracy could end if the authorities crack down with Machiavellian force to protect the citizenry and the status quo.

Where did debate under Roberts’ Rules go? They have been replaced by demonstrations. that are not entirely peaceful.  We are in unchartered territory and we had better respect that if not each other.

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