The Queen and Her Military Service During WW II

Posted on May 28, 2012

When President Obama first came to office, he and the then Prime Minister of France, Sarkozy, were pretty much in charge of the upcoming D-Day anniversary celebration.  And the two of these men really flubbed the guest list.  They failed to invite the one head of state still-living that had served in the military during  WWII.  Talk about a complete lack of the knowledge of and appreciation for history and for a remarkable representative of a nation fully involved in the D-Day landings, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain!

Sarkozy is now gone; Obama is on shaky ground.  Amidst anti-monarcy sentiment  in much of the world, Queen Elizabeth enters the final celebrations of her Coronation in 1953 an acknowledged artist of decorum and diplomacy.  She has preserved the monarchy up to this moment and have helped immeasurably to keep Britain at the top of must include countries for everything from international affairs to destinations for tourists.  She and her family in the “firm” have brought trade and recognition to the national brand.

As she heads up a flotilla of barges and boats on the Thames next Sunday, look up the history of such a royal progress and of the special music often written for it.  It is all part of the long history she represents and preserves.